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Would you like some time on-campus with el Centro staff? You can sign up for any Pod - one per day. We will have several options, starting September 23 - see details below. Please be sure that you are prepared in the following ways:
  1. All students must bring a completed and signed waiver on their first day in a Pod, OR a parent/guardian must accompany the student on the first day and fill out the waiver. Please see the link at right to download, print, and sign the waiver.
  2. Everyone must be masked for the duration of their time inside the building, and must adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols (see below).
  3. All students should bring FULLY CHARGED laptops.
Click the button below to sign up.
In the "Comment" field, please let us know what you need!
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BPP will follow the health safety guidelines set by the City of Philadelphia in terms of the COVID virus. All students and staff will adhere to the following precautions:
  • A maximum of 20 students will be allowed in El Centro at any given time, and student access will be limited to the auditorium and the student bathroom behind the stage.
  • All students and staff must wear masks at all times. BPP will provide free masks to all who participate.
  • Students and staff will maintain a distance of six feet or more between themselves and all others. BPP will make sure that all desks are arranged accordingly and signage and ground markers are placed throughout the building.
  • Non-Touch Hand Sanitizers will be placed in every room and hallway in use throughout the building.
  • Air Purifiers will be placed in every room being used throughout the building.
  • A thorough cleaning / disinfecting will take place after each session every day.
  • Strict Entrance and Exiting procedures will be enforced.
  • A holding space for people who exhibit or inform staff of COVID-19 symptoms will be operational and rapid testing will be conducted.