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Approach to Learning » Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

El Centro de Estudiantes High School takes a project-based approach to learning. This means less emphasis on test-taking, and more focus on deeper engagement and end-of-semester presentations of work to ensure mastery of concepts and build confidence. 
Our project-based approach builds important academic skills in the sciences, mathematics, and written and oral communications. Projects are designed by the advisor and are aligned with Pennsylvania Common Core Standards. Project-based learning effectively engages students and empowers them to be active agents in their learning through the creation of meaningful end products. 
We couple academics with internship work experience, post-secondary preparation, and behavioral and emotional support. Special education and remedial support services are individualized to meet the student's needs, and then incorporated into learning projects.
Our approach has demonstrated high rates of grade level advances, and enriching marketable skills that translate to real-world work.
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