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About El Centro

image of el Centro principal Mama Jacquie
Opened in 2009, El Centro de Estudiantes Big Picture Philadelphia School is an accelerated school program in the School District of Philadelphia, one of Philadelphia's first such schools. We provide a high school education at an accelerated pace with students earning their diplomas in 1.5 to 3 years, depending on the number of high school credits they bring with them and accrue each term. We serve Opportunity Youth: young adults ages 16-21 who have previously disengaged from high school because traditional models of education didn't work for them.
Our goal is to help students find and walk their own pathway to success. We do this by centering students' learning on their interests and passions, integrating career exploration and internships into our school curriculum, and creating a supportive and nurturing school environment focused on youth resilience and a restorative behavioral model.
We are a proud member of Big Picture Philadelphia and the Big Picture Learning Network.